Youths arrested after tip-off

Sergeant Simon Paget.
Sergeant Simon Paget.
Police are praising members of the public after a tip-off led to the arrest of two teenagers and ''prevented a significant amount of offending in Cromwell'', Sergeant Simon Paget said.

About 6pm on Saturday the tip-off led police to Anderson Park, where they found two 17-year-old youths, from Cromwell and

Gore respectively, had significantly damaged the sports clubrooms by kicking holes in the cladding. They had also damaged the scoreboard by throwing rocks at it.

When the boys were arrested, police found 17 sets of car keys on them, stolen from a local wrecker's yard. They intended to use the keys to try to steal a car, Sgt Paget said.

The Gore youth has been held in custody after police opposed bail. The Cromwell youth was released on bail.

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