Landscape plan approved 'in principle'

The Waitaki District Council has put plans to remove nine trees at the edge of Oamaru Harbour in...
The sycamore trees now removed from Tyne Street. PHOTO: HAMISH MACLEAN
The Waitaki District Council has approved a landscape plan for Tyne St "in principle".

While Crs Jim Hopkins and Jan Wheeler continued to express concerns over the details of a proposal to replace nine sycamore trees the council felled at Oamaru Harbour earlier this year, councillors unanimously agreed to incorporate a plan into the council's harbour strategy.

Cr Hopkins called the $25,000 plan presented to the assets committee in May - to set up four pohutukawa trees in planter boxes in the Tyne St road reserve - "threadbare" and "a little malnourished", but supported a plan to be put in place, noting he ultimately hoped for a "richer array of foliage".

The sycamores were felled when it became clear the mature trees were expected to suffer significant damage because of the realignment of a large stormwater main, after the closure of Arun St and the development of new accommodation at a Waterfront Rd and Tyne St site the council sold last year.

Cr Bill Kingan said a plan would make more sense for the area once a building was in place.

Initial construction work for an ocean-facing 22-unit boutique luxury accommodation complex is now under way.

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