Mobility scooter driver warned by police

A near collision between a boy and a mobility scooter in Oamaru on Tuesday has prompted police to remind scooter users they do not own the footpath.

Sergeant Tony Woodbridge, of Oamaru, said about 3pm in the Pembroke St area, several people reported a scooter being driven too fast.

''A child has had to jump out of the way.''

The man alleged to have been in charge of the vehicle has been spoken to about his actions.

''He's had a formal warning. He knows the rules in relation to the usage of that vehicle.''

People who used such vehicles need to be respectful of pedestrians, Sgt Woodbridge urged.

''Some of these pedestrians are children. It could be dangerous. We don't want to see any injuries.''

Age Concern Waitaki spokeswoman Viv Gamble said what constituted a mobility scooter was changing.

''Maybe it's time to look at legislation to ensure the safety of everybody.''

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