Montessori centre work starts

Montessori Nursery and Preschool is "definitely" coming to Oamaru, Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand executive officer Cathy Wilson says.

The Montessori Oamaru website lists Stacey Butson as managing director of the owner-operated early childhood education centre scheduled to open this year in Regina Lane. Building the centre has started.

"We have had an overwhelming response, so it seems we are being well supported so far," Ms Butson told the Otago Daily Times in an email.

Italian Maria Montessori was born in 1870 and before moving into the education field she worked with the poor in Rome as a general practitioner.

She helped children with intellectual disabilities pass public examinations.

She then started work "to find an explanation for the `under-achievement' of normal children", Montessori Aotearoa New Zealand says.

Her later work "clarified ... that education was not so much about handing on knowledge, but that children constructed their own knowledge from experiences in the world".

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