No clues on gum tree poisoning

Erik van der Spek
Erik van der Spek
The Waitaki District Council may never know who was responsible for the alleged poisoning of a stand of mature gum trees in the Oamaru Public Gardens in autumn.

At the end of May, a council arborist discovered the apparent intentional poisoning of the large gum trees at the Cross St corner of the 1876 public gardens, while conducting a tree-risk assessment.

Three trees showed signs of dieback and holes had been drilled into their trunks.

Yesterday, council recreation manager Erik van der Spek said the council's appeal for information at the start of June had not resulted in anyone coming forward with information.

The council was still monitoring the gums and it was ''too early'' to tell if the apparent arboricide application would result in the trees' removal.

''But they are OK at the moment''.

In February, three large gum trees in the Kinmont Reserve, near Dunedin's Southern Motorway, in Mosgiel, died after they were intentionally drilled and poisoned.

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