Ratepayers have their say

The Phoenix Mill Restoration Trust wants $10,000 for its restoration project.  Photo: ODT.
The Phoenix Mill Restoration Trust wants $10,000 for its restoration project. Photo: ODT.
The wish-list for Waitaki ratepayers in this year’s annual plan has been published by the Waitaki District Council.

Waitaki District Council spokeswoman Alena Lynch said councillors workshopped submissions on the plan this month after receiving 82 written submissions and hosting for the first time a series of community forums.

The council consulted on an average 1% rates rise and anticipated a June 21 adoption of its 2017-18 annual plan.

The majority of  submissions did not comment specifically on  proposed projects,  the council website states.

The Kurow Museum’s Richie McCaw Statue Project subcommittee asked for a $50,000 contribution to its project.

The Hampden Hall Committee asked for $35,000 to be spent on maintenance of central Hampden footpaths, for a parking plan to be put in place, and $35,000 for landscaping and chip-sealing in the area around the Hampden Hall.

Sport Otago asked for a $17,500 contribution to its proposed Green Prescription co-ordinator position, where the co-ordinator would have face-to-face initial consultations with those who were prescribed exercise by their doctors.

The Moeraki Millennium Ocean Walkway Group asked for a clean-up, maintenance and enhancement of the Moeraki walkway. 

Christian Westergaard and Dugal Armour  asked the council to consider constructing two $20,000 fishing platforms off the northern side of Holmes Wharf. The Phoenix Mill Restoration Trust asked for $10,000 to engage an archaeologist in its reconstruction of the historic waterwheel.

Kakanui School and Maheno School asked for council funding for the Waitaki Community Gardens to continue its Enviroschools programme.

The Waitaki Branch of Forest and Bird asked for an increase in funding for biodiversity, and for the protection of Otago shags in Oamaru Harbour.

Harbour St businesses collectively asked for an exemption to the Easter Sunday trading prohibition.

The council summarised ratepayers’ support or opposition on a number of council proposals: 21 submissions supported and five opposed the proposed Oamaru Harbour development; 16 supported and six opposed increased regulatory systems spending; 24 supported and four opposed the council’s planned reconstruction of the failed Severn St wall; and 16 supported and eight opposed the proposed safety improvements at the Tyne St intersection.


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