Cow injures woman

An Arrowtown woman attacked by a cow yesterday, was taken to hospital with bruising and concussion. She had been attempting to release the cow's calf, which was caught between two logs.

The 56-year-old woman was found by a passer-by lying near the roadside about 10am yesterday, after she had fallen backwards and hit her head on a log as a result of the cow's charge.

The woman had been walking along McDonnell Rd when she spotted the newborn calf stuck between two logs in a paddock.

The woman, who wished not to be named, said she contemplated the risk, but thought she could help the calf as the mother was a good distance away.

"I know it was a silly thing to do."

She remembered being struck in the chest by the cow, falling backwards and hitting her head, before somehow getting over the barbed wire fence.

The passer-by took the woman to her doctor in Arrowtown, where she was examined before being taken by ambulance to Lakes District Hospital.

She received bruising and concussion and was bleeding from the ear, but was in stable condition.

The Lakes District Hospital doctor attending the woman said she was "very lucky". She was admitted to hospital overnight and would be re-examined this morning.


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