Green tackles new role as event facilitator

Simon Green
Simon Green
Former Queenstown Winter Festival director Simon Green began work as the Queenstown Lakes District Council event facilitator on Monday, following a decision made in February to establish an "events office" within the council.

Mayor Vanessa van Uden said it was a role the community, through the Shaping Our Future forums, believed was required given the numerous event and business opportunities within the district.

Community general manager Paul Wilson said Mr Green had experience running his own event management company and brought with him "an incredible wealth of experience and local knowledge".

Mr Green said he was looking forward to the new role.

"I am coming at this with good knowledge of the industry and a pretty strong handle of how this role can be developed to grow and nurture existing and new events. I can't wait."

The part-time position would see Mr Green work with community arts facilitator Jan Maxwell to deliver a dedicated Events Office for the first time.

"Jan and Simon will be working with existing organisers to ensure we not only support events in this district but actively promote the Queenstown Lakes as a premier event location," Mr Wilson said.

The pair would also work closely with an events advisory group, adopted by the full council on Tuesday.

"The priority is to firmly establish the platform for a long-term funding model, not only for the event office, but also for a contestable fund that can be utilised to support, develop and secure events in the region," Ms van Uden said.

The case must then be made to the council to provide the funds required for consideration as part of the annual planning process.

Terms of reference for the advisory group included guiding the event office business plan and operational activities.

The proposed membership of the group was from throughout the district, she said.

The council has budgeted $100,000 per annum, which includes $50,000 for the establishment of a new role plus an additional $50,000 for community events in year one of the 10-year-plan.



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