Hypoglycaemic driver issue

Colliding with a pedestrian barrier and having blown tyres did not immediately stop a Queenstown motorist who was apparently driving with a medical problem on Friday afternoon.

Sergeant Tracy Haggart, of Queenstown police, said a 49-year-old Queenstown man, who is diabetic, drove with a low blood-sugar level and was not able to function properly.

The man's car allegedly struck a metal railing on a pedestrian island outside the Z Energy service station at Frankton at 4.40pm on Friday, and then was driven along State Highway 6A with blown tyres, before stopping.

Sgt Haggart said police were considering laying careless driving charges.

• Two men face assault charges after an incident outside the Buffalo Club in Brecon St on Friday night.

An Australian (36) and an Aucklander (24) were ejected from the bar at 9.30pm on Friday, after which the manager was allegedly elbowed in the face and bitten on the arm by one man, while the other grabbed his neck to pull him away, Sgt Haggart said.

Two Queenstown men, aged 28 and 22, face disorderly behaviour charges after an alleged 10-minute brawl in Queenstown Mall at 4.10am on Saturday.

A 21-year-old Queenstown man has been charged with reckless driving and driving with a breath-alcohol level of 355mcg after an alleged incident in which his car narrowly missed a police car at the corner of Beach and Rees Sts, at 1.50am yesterday.


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