Ice cream parlour to join chain

First there was Fergburger, next came Fergbaker and soon the Mrs Ferg Ice Cream Parlour will be arriving on Shotover St.

The Queenstown Lakes District Council has granted ''Mrs Ferg'' land use consent to undertake additions and alterations to a building facade and erect signage at 40 Shotover St.

The resource consent application, prepared by Shawn Coombe, of Southern Lakes Design, sought consent to redevelop a store frontage formerly used for the Licks Dessert Bar & Espresso, along with facade alterations at the first floor.

The application said the exterior of the building would ultimately match Fergbaker in style and materials, giving the general appearance of one overall building.

In 2011 Fergbaker was launched after a five-month renovation effort on Shotover St, opening alongside Fergburger, which opened in Cow Lane in 2001, before relocating to Shotover St.

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