Leading architect to give a talk

Award-winning Japanese architect Prof Koh Kitayama is bound for Queenstown as part of an Architectural Designers New Zealand tour at the end of the month.

Prof Kitayama will talk about design and the inspiration for some of his best-known works at a two-hour ticketed function in Crowne Plaza Queenstown on April 3.

Joining Prof Kitayama will be Dr Andrew Barrie, the New Zealand born award-winning architectural critic and designer formerly based in Tokyo.

A recipient of more than 30 prestigious awards, Prof Kitayama's most recognised awards include the Japan Institute of Architecture award in 2002 for his Katta Public General Hospital and the annual architectural design commendation in 2010 for his work on Yutenji Apartments.

In 2010, Prof Kitayama was chosen as the commissioner for the Japan Pavilion at the 12th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale.

Prof Kitayama is at the Yokohama National University and director of Architecture Workshop, which he founded in 1978.

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