Man blackmailed over sex

A Queenstown woman blackmailed a man who slept with her younger sister and then reported to police he had raped her.

Mother-of-two Moetahi Walker (27) pleaded guilty to blackmail when she appeared in Queenstown District Court yesterday.

The kapa haka performer and masseur had demanded $6000 from the 39-year-old Turkish man after he had slept with her 18-year-old sister.

Walker accused him of rape and threatened to call the police, telling him he would lose his job, be sent to prison and then deported.

When the man refused to pay, she reported him to police on Christmas Day.

Prosecuting Sergeant Ian Collin, in court, said: ''The man engaged in sexual intercourse with an 18-year-old female, who was known to him, at his home.''

The victim then drove the woman to a nearby house where she met the defendant, her older sister.

''The female had a sheet wrapped around her waist and was questioned by the defendant about what happened that night.

''As a result, the defendant formed the opinion that the victim had taken advantage of her sister and in her mind the victim's actions amounted to rape.''

Police confirmed the sex was consensual.

Walker's sister phoned the victim looking for her skirt and credit card.

She left the cellphone at Walker's house and when he texted to say he had found the skirt, Walker responded pretending to be her sister and telling him to meet her.

When the man arrived at the defendant's address, she opened the front door and took photos of him ''She yelled at him, accusing him of rape, wanting to punch him in the face and [saying] he was going to jail.''

He left but 15 minutes later received a text message asking him to meet again.

''The defendant told the victim there were two ways to deal with this situation,'' Sgt Collin said.

''The first way was the victim would go to jail, lose his job and get deported from New Zealand.

''The second way was the victim pay her compensation in the amount of $6000 to keep this quiet.''

The defendant suggested making the first payment on Christmas Day, as he did not have the full amount.

When he failed to show up, she texted him again giving him 10 minutes to pay, and then again to say she was ''furious and would see him in court''.

The victim texted back to say he would not pay.

''A few minutes [later] the defendant rang 111,'' Sgt Collin said.

She reported her sister had been raped and gave the victim's name as the offender.

When spoken to by police, Walker, of Lake View Holiday Park, Queenstown, declined to comment.

Walker faces up to 14 years in prison after she was convicted of blackmail by Judge Christina Cook, who remanded her on bail for sentence on February 24.