Man convicted over shower incidents

A South African man who had shown his genitals to women at a backpackers in Queenstown has been convicted and remanded on bail for sentence on December 17 on three charges of intently and obscenely exposing his genitals in a public place.

Three times in September, Joshua Jodie Sneddon (23), of Queenstown, is alleged to have visited a Queenstown backpackers of which he was not a guest, and awaited female visitors to the women's shower room before revealing his naked body to them, prosecutor Sergeant Penny Stratford told Judge Kevin Phillips, in the Queenstown District Court, yesterday.

At 9.30pm on September 2, Sneddon hid in a shower cubicle.

When a woman arrived, he emerged naked and apologised, saying he had thought he was in the "boys' toilets".

Sgt Stratford said 40 minutes later the woman returned and Sneddon came out from the shower again naked with an erection and so she left to get a friend.

When the pair returned he appeared startled and left, the court was told.

On September 4 at 6pm a group of women went to the showers in pairs because they had heard reports of a naked offender.

While one woman was in the shower Sneddon had dropped to one knee and pressed his "groin and erect penis" up against the shower bottom. When the woman called for her friends he left the building.

Sneddon returned on September 9. Wearing only a towel around his chest, he revealed himself to a group of women.

When confronted, he leapt out of the bathroom window only to be caught by staff and arrested by police that night.

Judge Kevin Phillips ordered pre-sentence reports including alcohol and drug assessments and emotional harm assessment for the backpackers and any other victims.

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