No action over 'leaky' school

The Ministry of Education will not pursue legal action over Arrowtown School's ''leaky'' buildings.

Earlier this month the Otago Daily Times revealed millions of dollars would be spent fixing weathertightness issues in seven of the school's nine blocks.

Almost two weeks ago the ministry said it was considering whether to take legal action and named Rilean Construction as the company that built most of the school.

Now, the ministry's head of education infrastructure service Kim Shannon said it had decided not to take action.

In an emailed statement she said: ''This is because most of the buildings affected are more than 10 years old, so the time limit available to follow up any issues has expired.

''Damage in the one building completed within the last 10 years is so small that it would not be worth the time and expense of pursuing a legal case.''

Rilean shareholder-director Steve McLean said the company was confident no action would be taken.

''We constructed the school to the architect's specifications and best building practices at the time.''

- David Williams


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