Pink Ribbon appeal raises $3000

Photo by Lucy Ibbotson.
Photo by Lucy Ibbotson.
About 450 second-hand bras were hooked together and strung along Wanaka's Pembroke Park fence on Ardmore St yesterday by New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation volunteers including Crystal Johnson (left) and Bev Mair.

Their efforts were for the foundation's annual Pink Ribbon appeal, which held collection days nationwide on Friday and Saturday.

The "Hook Up" event was originally scheduled for Saturday afternoon, but had to be postponed until yesterday because of heavy rain.

Co-ordinator Judy Young was disappointed only a handful of people turned up for the fundraiser, which also featured a decorated bra competition.

However, Wanaka volunteers still raised more than $3000 from street collections and raffle ticket sales, and put a smile on the faces of people passing the brightly coloured bra fence.

Some of the donated bras will be sold to raise more money for the cause, and the remainder will be sent to Third World countries.

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