Restrictions free up Stanley St parking

New parking restrictions have resulted in cars for sale moving to bordering streets.

The top of Stanley St, which is a state highway, was attractive to people selling their vehicles since there were no parking restrictions, and a typical day would have cars displaying for sale signs lining the entrance to Queenstown.

Queenstown Lakes District Council transport manager Denis Mander said the council had received complaints about the visual impact and lack of accessibility to community facilities such as the nearby church.

Around six weeks ago, parking in the area became a P180 zone which restricted parking to three hours.

The cars have moved to neighbouring Sydney and Melbourne Sts, which had no restrictions, and Mr Mander said there were no plans to introduce any.

"What was happening on Stanley St was that the street was effectively being parked out and we don't have that on Sydney or Melbourne Sts at this stage."

Lakes Environmental regulatory and corporate manager Lee Webster said "people that were leaving their cars there all day now can't do that. People at a certain time of the year want to sell their vehicle.

"I understand that, but if they are there permanently, there will be some issues."

There have been at least 25 parking infringement tickets for cars parked on Stanley St since the new restriction.


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