Shining light at chopper 'serious'

A report of a spotlight being shone into the cockpit of a helicopter has police concerned.

Queenstown police received a report that a spotlight was shone at a Queenstown-based helicopter flying a night medevac mission about 11pm on Tuesday.

The incident occurred between Alexandra and Bannockburn.

This action endangered the safety of the aircraft by limiting the ability of the pilot to navigate using night vision goggles, a police spokeswoman said.

Police reminded everyone that shining lights, in particular lasers, at aircraft could seriously endanger the safety of the aircraft and all on board and those doing so committed a ''serious offence'', she said.

In Otago, helicopters operating during the hours of darkness were on medevac or search and rescue missions and endangering the aircraft and occupants also jeopardised those who were the subject of the mission.


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