Test proves Queenstown girl not Madeleine McCann

British police say a DNA test has confirmed a New Zealand girl who looks strikingly like Madeleine McCann is not the missing youngster.

A spokeswoman for London's Metropolitan Police told APNZ this morning that the requested sample from the Queenstown girl had been tested.

"Following a DNA submission we are now satisfied the girl identified in New Zealand is not Madeleine McCann," the spokeswoman said.

British police had requested the DNA sample after an alleged reported sighting of Madeleine in New Zealand, almost six years after she went missing during a family holiday in Portugal at the age of three.

There have been several other reported sightings of Madeleine in the Queenstown region in recent years and police said DNA sampling was a conclusive way to establish the identity of the New Zealand girl.

New Zealand police said the DNA requested by Scotland Yard was given voluntarily.


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