Tourism industry confident

The tourism industry's confidence levels are the highest they have been since September 2011, when the end of the Rugby World Cup triggered a slump, a Government report says.

The business confidence index rose from 102 to 124 in the September quarter - bouncing back from lows of 60 and 52 in March and July 2012 respectively, according to the

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's tourism industry monitor. Ministry spokesman Peter Ellis said tourism businesses' performance expectations were used to create the index.

The two most positive factors contributing to tourism businesses' increased expectations this quarter were the domestic and international visitor markets, while global economic conditions remained a concern, Mr Ellis said.

''We've also seen an end for now to the strong regional differences that were obvious in 2011. Tourism industry confidence has been basically the same in the South Island as the North in the past six months.''

Results were based on the latest 441 responses to the survey sent to 1850 tourism businesses each quarter.

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