UFOs sighted near Queenstown?

A still from the video.
A still from the video.
An Australian film crew believes it captured two UFOs on film near Queenstown.

The Colour in your Life film crew told MailOnline they spotted the UFO while editing their footage this week.

The film crew captured the footage - of what appears to be two objects racing across the South Island sky _ while filming a scene of a motorbike riding across a bridge.

Colour in your Life production manager Tanita Cree told MailOnline that the team were blown away when they took a closer look at the footage.

"We were all like, what was that?'' she said.

After slowing down the film, the two shapes can be seen above the trees moving across the sky and disappearing.

"It was the speed they were moving at, they just jumped out of the trees,'' Ms Cree said.

The production team posted the video to YouTube and shared it on their Facebook page.

They got an immediate response, including from someone who said they might be ducks.

"From the trees to where I was on the bike is about a half a kilometre, if you look at the speed in real time that means that if it were birds they would have accelerated to about 4000 kilometres an hour in one second,'' a member of the production team posted to Facebook.

The Colour in your Life crew was filming an episode of their art television show with interviews with artists around the South Island.

- by Sophie Ryan of APNZ 

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