Unapologetic and confident

Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom and leader Laila Harre at Queenstown's Events Centre last night...
Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom and leader Laila Harre at Queenstown's Events Centre last night. Photo by David Williams.
Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom remains unapologetic about the controversial ''F... John Key'' video.

Last weekend, Internet Mana, the strategic alliance between Hone Harawira's Mana Party and the Internet Party, posted a video from a rally in Christchurch showing a crowd of students chanting ''F... John Key'' as Mr Dotcom addressed them.

The video was quickly pounced on by right-wing blog sites, with one commentator comparing the atmosphere with a ''Munich beer hall in the 1920s''.

Speaking after a political rally in Queenstown last night, Mr Dotcom - a German-Finnish internet entrepreneur who is fighting extradition to the United States for alleged copyright breaches by his company Megaupload - told the Otago Daily Times there was an overreaction to the video.

''All we were showing was a crowd of thousands of young New Zealanders with passion, showing how they feel about the current government,'' Mr Dotcom said.

''It is just young people participating in politics in the way that they know. I'm not apologetic about showing this to all New Zealanders.

''I didn't go up on stage and say this but I thought it was interesting to observe and everyone should know that that's how young people feel.''

Internet Party's message, delivered by leader Laila Harre last night, was one of the country's potential economic transformation using digital technology, mixed with themes of social justice, environmental protection and a capital gains tax.

Mr Dotcom said he would not be surprised if the party got ''well over'' 5% support at the September 20 General Election, the mark under MMP which would propel the party into Parliament.


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