Bounty of bananas up for grabs in Queenstown

A community organisation in Queenstown has gone public with a very a-peel-ing offer - 200kgs of free bananas.

Happiness House, on Park Street in Queenstown, made the generous offer to give away the fruit after charity Kiwi Harvest dropped them off.

Happiness House posted to its Facebook page saying: "we are going to place them along the edge of our fence from 11am for anyone and everyone to take as many as they can to save them from going to landfill".

Kiwi Harvest is a food rescue charity that takes surplus food from large retailers and distributes it to people in need.

Queenstown residents are going bananas for the free fruit, saying that it's "banana cake all round".

Hungry Queenstowners better get down there quick - so make like and banana, and split.

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