Dirt bikers 'are going to kill someone'

Off-road motorcycle riders are being accused of dangerous riding by some of Queenstown’s cycling community.

Queenstown Trails Trust chief executive Mark Williams has received several complaints in relation to dirt bikes using tracks near Shotover Country. He said the activity, which flouted national legislation, was a safety concern.

It was also intimidating, he said.

‘‘My primary concern is the safety of trail users and I have had a lot of complaints that there are three, four and five motorbikes doing 60 or 70 kilometres an hour on the trails — they are going to kill someone.

‘‘It is [only] a matter of time before someone has a serious injury.’’

Mr Williams uses the track, which riders use to access Shotover Delta, with his children and noted many other parents do the same.

The endurance biker has met Queenstown police to discuss his concerns.

The police had not received a direct complaint but said they would take the matter seriously. Sergeant Chris Brooks, suggested noting distinguishable features, registrations or details to help identify wrongdoers.

‘‘If those motorcycle riders are putting people at risk then we will investigate. We will certainly look into it.’’

Mr Williams stressed he did not want to be the ‘‘fun police’’. He hoped highlighting the issue would bring a solution.

Queenstown Lakes District Council has also increased signage in the area.

‘‘Unfortunately it seems some users are ignoring the signs and there have been a few run-ins.’’

A couple of members from Queenstown Pedallers also raised concerns. Michael Anderson said safety was one issue.

‘‘I wouldn’t want to meet them coming round a corner.''

He also said it resulted in trails being damaged — and needing more maintenance. 


Over 70% of cyclist injuries occur in accidents involving no other vehicle. But the problem is always about other vehicles, pedestrians or whatever.
Sure, there might be some motor bike riders doing the wrong thing. But if any effort is made to address cyclists injuries, we should be starting with the real problem - that is cyclists themselves.



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