Drivers charged

Three men charged with  drink-driving are due to appear in court next week after a busy early morning for Queenstown police yesterday.

All three men were breath-tested after officers stopped their vehicles. A 20-year-old local man was stopped at 1am on Fernhill Rd and recorded  993mcg.

Just over an hour later, a 24-year-old man on a working holiday visa was stopped on the same road and recorded  754mcg.A third man (26) was pulled over on Camp St at 3.30am and recorded  1047mcg.

Sergeant Kate Pirovano, of Queenstown, said: "The soccer World Cup is on and other events like the Winter Festival, so if you are planning to go out, make sure you have several options for getting home that don’t involve drinking alcohol and driving yourself .

"The consequences of being caught can be drastic for some people  ... 

"If you have a big night and go and drive in the morning, you could potentially still not be capable of driving, because you are under the influence."

- Joshua Walton

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