Resort's love of fried chicken above the law

Fried chicken and finger lickin' goodness has usurped New Zealand road rules in Queenstown.

A road sign determining a left turn as illegal "except access to KFC" has popped up causing mirth on the Only in New Zealand Facebook page.

Amused passers-by recently snapped images of the sign on the corner of Athol and Ballarat Sts in Queenstown.

A turn-off lane can be seen leading to the popular fast food chain's drive-through entrance before it turns into a one-way road.

Facebook users saw the humour in the situation.

"You cannot deny that Kiwis have their priorities in order!"

"OK as if I need another reason to move to NZ. This just sold it to me."

"One of the benefits of attaining the rank of Colonel is that you are above the law in some scenarios."


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