Restraints lifted after careful water use

Watering restrictions for Hawea, Arthurs Point and the Lake Hayes Scheme can now be lifted, Queenstown Lakes District Council three watersmanager Gerry Essenberg said.

All three communities were restricted to hand-held watering in December after warm temperatures and minimal rainput pressure on reservoirs,Mr Essenberg said.

"The council has been working with high-end users to manage their water use but there is no doubt that the co-operation of all three communities has seen water use maintain at sustainable levels through the height of summer.

"The council was extremely grateful to everyone that had adhered to the restriction but reminded the community that water demand management was a year-round issue.

"Lifting the restriction does not spell an end to water demand management for those communities and all residents of the Lakes District.

"Water from the tap comes at a price," Mr Essenberg said. The more our residents can conserve, the more affordable our water infrastructure becomes," he said.

Mr Essenberg recommended people visit the council'swebsite or the council's sustainable website choice to find out how to apply water management at home.



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