Shiny poles to dull with weathering

Mark Price
Mark Price
Aurora Energy says shiny galvanised steel power poles recently installed in parts of the Upper Clutha will lose their shine  over time.

The poles along State Highway 6 between Wanaka and Cromwell are in an area where the Queenstown Lakes District Council applies strict rules on the reflectivity of new structures.

However, Aurora’s head of external relations Gary Johnson says "there are no rules about colour or reflectivity that apply specifically to power poles".

"Newly installed galvanised steel poles and cross arms will appear shiny at first, but gradually dull over time through exposure to the weather.

"The initial reflectivity can be significantly reduced within a few months of outdoor exposure. Aurora is installing a mixture of wooden, concrete and steel poles, with the choice depending on factors such as purpose and location", he said.

A council spokesman said transmission lines were covered by legislation that took precedence over the district plan. 

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