Standing for ratepayers

The Otago Daily Times continues its series of profiles of mayoral candidates. Fifteen people say they should be the next mayor of the various district and city councils in the wider Otago-Southland region. To help voters make informed decisions in the 2019 elections, we ask candidates who they are, what they stand for and how they would handle the big issues facing their district. Today, Mark Price puts the questions to the Queenstown Lakes district mayoral candidate Alistair Angus. 

Alistair Angus
Alistair Angus
Alistair Angus

Age: 62.
Occupation: Semi-retired mechanic.
Council experience: Pretty appalling but customer satisfaction will definitely improve should I be elected.
Describe yourself in three words: Honest, quick, decisive.

What is the main task facing the council in the next three years?

Regaining the confidence of the ratepayers by delivering core services and including the community in decisions.

How do you see the airport issue playing out over the next three years?

If (Jim) Boult's re-elected, the airport will completely dominate the locals in both Queenstown and Wanaka. Should I get in, the airport will be very suddenly controlled by its owners - the ratepayers.

What form of visitor levy is the best way forward and why?

I don't support the visitor levy.

What are some of the other issues the council will need to focus on over the next three years?

Catching up with neglected infrastructure, getting the old preventive maintenance programmes up and running again, reassess staffing levels.

What makes you think you are the best person for the job?

Because, as before, I'm standing solely for the ratepayers to have a voice at the top of the table instead of being ignored at the door. (It's) time for the stock to have a go at being the farmer for a change.

If elected, is there one thing you would like to be able to claim credit for at the next election?

Stopping the sewage from going into our water. Without clean, drinkable water we are on a serious and possibly irreversible downward spiral.


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