Water use rising, despite restrictions

Lake Hayes Estate,  where  residents have been conserving water,  although partial restrictions...
Lake Hayes Estate, where residents have been conserving water, although partial restrictions are still in place. Photo by Joe Dodgshun.
Residents connected to the Lake Hayes water scheme are being credited for conserving water over recent weeks but have been reminded water restrictions are still in place.

Queenstown Lakes District Council 3 Waters manager Gerry Essenberg said, while many people had taken the message on board, water use was increasing in the evenings, despite a midday-to-midnight restriction on irrigation.

"There is still a possibility that we may be able to avoid the introduction of full water restrictions, but that will only happen if residents follow the restrictions in place now," Mr Essenberg said.

While the supply was pushed to its full extent, there was enough if conservation continued, he said.

"The community is doing a great job, but we need the whole community to contribute and keep to fair water use and the restrictions we have introduced."

The council was continuing to identify any high users, but was reliant on the community to educate others who might not have got the message, Mr Essenberg said.

Anyone unsure whether they were on the scheme, which services the Lake Hayes Estate and wider Lake Hayes area, could call the council for confirmation.

"At this point, if the scheme comes under any further pressure the community as a whole will end up facing tighter restrictions," Mr Essenberg said.

"We'd love to avoid that and I'm sure the community would too."

The restrictions are. -
• Hand-held watering only from 6am to midday.
• No irrigation from midday to midnight.
• Irrigation using timers for a maximum of half an hour per connection between midnight and 6am.
• Activities such as washing vehicles and filling small swimming pools can take place between 6am and midday using hand-held hoses only.
• The water supply is being assessed daily.


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