Ziptrek complying with conditions of consent

An investigation into alleged breaches of  Ziptrek Ecotour’s resource consent found the company’s compliance is "satisfactory".

The alleged breaches were raised by Skyline Enterprises during an Environment Court hearing in May for that company’s direct referral of its $100 million-plus redevelopment in Queenstown.

Skyline counsel Graeme Todd raised several issues over Ziptrek’s operation, which appeared to contravene its original resource consent.

Issues included an access road for emergency and maintenance being used by Ziptrek clients to get to the Ziptrek site; no ticketing booth established for Ziptrek attractions; safety briefings being held in the wrong place; and power lines near "zipline 6" not under-grounded and associated structures not removed.

The Queenstown Lakes District Council carried out a site inspection on June 15 as part of monitoring requirements for Ziptrek’s resource consent.

Monitoring and Enforcement officer Thomas Grandiek said in a letter to Ziptrek at the time of monitoring the conditions of its varied resource consent were "satisfactory".

Further monitoring would occur next June.

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