Annual beach market day held

Kaka Point Beach Market Day stallholder Sarah Gillies, of Milton, with some of her creations....
Kaka Point Beach Market Day stallholder Sarah Gillies, of Milton, with some of her creations. PHOTO: JACK.CONROY
"Poverty led me to it. I used to sell plants but this pays more," Sarah Gillies, of Milton, said.

She was one of the many vendors that came from across Clutha and beyond for the 10th annual Kaka Point Beach Market Day on Saturday.

People from Dunedin and Invercargill and everywhere in between made their way to peddle their wares to the browsing customers.

The weather was cloudy but balmy.

Mrs Gillies’ specialty is art pieces made from recycled parts, mostly metal and wood.

"Nothing goes to waste. Instead of throwing things away or taking them to the scrap yard they end up as creations that could go in someone’s garden," she said.

Mrs Gillies and her husband Keith, who run “Round 2 Arts” together, have been attending the Kaka Point market for the past six years. Part of what brought them back was the sense of community, she said.

"I’ve seen people here today who I haven’t seen for a year and we say hello to each other as if no time had passed."

Market organiser Pauline Simpson agreed, attributing her staying power in the job to a love for the community.

"I’ve been here since the beginning. I might have to stop soon but it’s turned into such a great event for everybody."

Jewellers, crafts people, musicians, ice-cream sellers, pickle sellers, face painters and more lined the main street facing the beach.

Many more were set up inside the community hall.

Mrs Simpson’s husband Willy recalled the unlikely conception of the event, which had now grown so large.

“It’s hard to imagine it started 10 years ago with a bunch of ladies sitting around coming up with ideas over a glass of wine.”

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