Balclutha stock sale

An average yarding of prime sheep was offered at the first Balclutha sale of the year.

Prime lamb values were in line with schedules and prime ewes sold well, given the current schedule.

Prices for the small yarding of store lambs were at levels consistent with other stock sales and a small yarding of store cattle sold well, given the limited demand.

Prices were. -Prime sheep: lambs, heavy $82-$89; medium, $74-$80; light, $70. Ewes: heavy, $78-$85; medium, $67-$75; light, $52-$65.

Store sheep: store lambs, top, $71; medium, $65.50; light, $50-$56.

Store cattle: Cows and calves all counted, $280; Friesian bulls, 315kg, $530, $1.68 a kg; Friesian bull calf, 160kg, $350, $2.19 a kg.

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