Attacked man with torch at Lake Rotoiti

An Invercargill man has been convicted of attacking a man with a torch.

Daniel John Jackson yesterday pleaded guilty in the Invercargill District Court to assaulting a person with a blunt instrument.

On February 26, Jackson was at Lake Rotoiti to support a family member who was competing at the national speed boat races.

At 10pm, he was walking in Kerry Bay with his partner, his stepfather and a small child when they saw a group of people, one of whom was urinating in public, Police Prosecutor Sergeant Denise Harvey told the court.

"He received a verbal reprimand by the defendant's stepfather for urinating in public and in front of the young child.''

A member of the group also commented negatively towards the man urinating, but Jackson interpreted the comment as a slur towards himself or his stepfather.

Enraged, he stormed through the group and confronted the victim.

Jackson swung a large torch at the victim, striking him on the nose and the lip. The victim sustained a significant cut and bled a lot.

A fight then started between Jackson and the victim's friends. They were separated by members of Jackson's family.

The victim denied saying anything towards Jackson or his family.

The defendant said he also did not instigate the fight.

Judge Mark Callaghan convicted him. Sentencing will take place on May 30.

- Court reporter