Brazen donation box theft slammed as 'low'

A Southland shop owner has slammed the "low" actions of a man who brazenly swiped a donation box from the counter while the store was open.

Winton police today released CCTV footage and asked for help tracking down the man who stole the donation box from The Big White Shop, in Great North Rd, about 7.05pm on July 4.

Police said the box was "reasonably full" and contained about $200 in donations.

The owner of the shop, who did not want to be named, said the man's actions were "low" and left her staff feeling scared.

"To make it worse it was an older person not a child.

"Children I can understand that they don't quite get the concept of what donations are, but an adult yes they do."

It was initially thought the donation box was for Koru Kids, but it was actually for St John.

"It goes to our St John ambulance here in Winton.

"It is a small community, so every bit of money helps all of us."

She said the theft made her night staff feel "uneasy" over fears he could come back.

"It's made my night staff quite nervous.

"They are concerned that maybe he could still be around."

Police asked anyone who recognised the man in the video, or had any information on the theft, to contact Sergeant Greg Smith of Winton Police, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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