Thunderstorms could bring in New Year in South

Fireworks might not be the only light show for some in the South bringing in the New Year with thunderstorms possible across much of the region.

Meanwhile the best place to be in the South celebrating New Year's Eve is set to be Queenstown and Wanaka where any rain should have cleared by this afternoon and where temperatures are set to reach the mid-20s.

But things could get stormy for some as in its thunderstorm outlook for today the MetService said daytime heating and wind convergence were likely to produce showers over eastern parts of the South Island and also led to a risk of thunderstorms across much of the South.

There was a low risk of thunderstorms from Dunedin and Central Otago through Canterbury to Marlborough.

The risk was higher (moderate ) in northern Central Otago, North Otago, Canterbury south of the Rakaia River and the ranges of Marlborough.

These thunderstorms could bring heavy rain with intensities of 10 to 25mm per hour and hail 10 to 20mm diameter. 

The sketchy weather for parts of the South comes after a run of good weather since Christmas for the South, which included Cromwell reaching 32degC yesterday. 

New Year's Eve weather in South:


High of 18degC, occasional rain from mid-morning.


26degC, occasional rain clearing this afternoon.


23degC, occasional rain, chance heavy, clearing this evening.


27degC, occasional rain clearing this afternoon.


17degC, occasional rain, chance heavy and thundery from this afternoon.


18degC, rain clearing this afternoon.


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