'Disturbing': Four times limit with two young kids in car

A Hokitika woman caught drink-driving four times over the limit on the weekend had two young children in the car with her, police say.

The 39-year-old was stopped in Stafford Street in the late afternoon and blew 1012mg.

Acting senior sergeant Paul Watson, of Greymouth police, said the very high reading in itself and her decision to drive was "very disappointing," but the fact she had her two children with her was "disturbing".

Hokitika police also picked up two teenage drink-drivers in separate incidents at the weekend. Both were subject to zero-alcohol limits due to their age.

Meanwhile, a 17-year-old Hokitika boy who took a friend's vehicle and then crashed it into a tree early on Saturday morning faces a number of charges, including drink-driving.

Police and the Hokitika Volunteer Fire Brigade were called to Jollie Street after a vehicle crashed on to a residential property about 12.30am.

Fire chief Harry Collett noted the car was "pretty messed up," but the property escaped substantial damage.

Mr Watson said the crash came in the wake of a party held at the boy's home that night.

The car he illegally took had been left behind by its owner, who had responsibly found alternative transport when leaving the party.

"Unfortunately, that 17-year-old made the poor decision of taking a friend's vehicle ... and taken it for a spin."

He lost control and crashed into a tree after clipping a power-pole.

The boy's alcohol reading was 600mg. He was charged with drink-driving, careless driving and unlawfully taking a vehicle.

About 2.15am yesterday a 19-year-old Hokitika woman stopped driving in Hampden Street, Hokitika, blew 587mg.

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