Elderly woman's killer denied parole

The man jailed for life for raping and killing an elderly woman at Punakaiki in January 2002 was denied parole when he appeared before the New Zealand Parole Board last month.
Peter Douglas Carrington is serving a life sentence for the brutal murder of Maria Sollis.

The 49-year-old became eligible to be considered for release on parole on January 27 in 2012.

Carrington was also jailed for seven years in August 1988 for sexually violating an 81-year-old woman in his hometown of Oamaru.

Following a recent hearing, the Parole Board said: "Both crimes involved sexual assaults and violence towards older women. The 1988 victim was aged 81. Ms Sollis was 73."

Carrington last appeared before the board in November 2015 and at that time he was encouraged to undertake individual psychological counselling to develop an understanding of his past sexual offending, and also to develop a more comprehensive and robust release plan.

Since then Carrington has participated in a number of individual psychological treatment sessions and been living in self-care units. He has been working unsupervised outside, in the timber processing yard.

The Parole Board informed Carrington of a meeting they had with an undisclosed person, who stated that he did not think Carrington should ever be released.

Carrington's understanding was he acted from an urge to exercise power and control.

Carrington acknowledged that his primary motive was sexual and he said that the violence was to cover his tracks. He wanted to be someone.

In the moment he thought he was unstoppable. He accepts now that it was not normal to act like that and that he was living in a fantasy world.

"He no longer blames his offending on his (name withheld)," the Parole Board stated.

Carrington now attributed his offending to his isolation and the difficulties he experienced in getting on with women.

"He also said that he hated people taking advantage of him and that he ruminated about this. However, he would not accept that he targeted older women. He suggested that the victims were random. It could have been anyone."

The Parole Board reached the view that, "that only heightens his risk".

The board was concerned that Carrington did not have a true "appreciation of his risk".

"Carrington is assessed as posing a moderate to high risk of sexual re-offending. In our (Parole Board) view he is a long way from release and his parole is declined."

His next hearing will be in September 2019.

The board also stated that in addition to parole, the possibility of making a postponement order of up to five years would be considered at that hearing.

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