More rocks rain down on family’s home

Photo: Greymouth Star
Photo: Greymouth Star
A Cobden resident is being "terrorised" in his home as stones have rained down on  his property over the last few nights. 

Graham Hunt, pictured with some of the missiles aimed at his house,  said he and his family were at the end of their tether about  the attacks, which resumed out of the blue last Friday night, then on Sunday and again on Thursday. Eight months ago their home was peppered with rocks, breaking windows.

Mr Hunt  believes he is being bombarded because he spoke out at a public meeting in Greymouth recently about the growing threat of gangs moving into Greymouth.

"I have had an absolute gutsful. What these people are doing is nothing but intimidation and threatening. I am not going to let them force me out of my home."

Sergeant Andrew Lyes appealed for information to be passed anonymously through the Crimestoppers line.

"There are five people trying to live in their home in Cobden and they are being terrorised by someone. I appeal to the people responsible to stop," Grey District Mayor Tony Kokshoorn said. 

- Viv Logie

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