Road spikes halt driver absconding from patrol stop

A driver who fled after ramming his vehicle into a patrol car just north of Greymouth late on Saturday night was later stopped in his tracks by road spikes.

Senior Sergeant Brent Cook said a patrol had stopped a suspected stolen vehicle just out of Runanga, on State highway 6, but things "turned nasty'' while officers were dealing with the driver.

"The vehicle then reversed into the police vehicle and took off towards the north on State highway 6, to Runanga, but bad luck for them there was another police patrol on the other side of Runanga which spiked the vehicle,'' Snr Sgt Cook said.

Road spikes laid on the road on the northern outskirts of Runanga punctured the front tyres of the fleeing vehicle, which came to a sudden stop.

A police tracker dog had also been called in from Greymouth, which acted as a deterrent to the driver fleeing on foot, Snr Sgt Cook said.

A man was subsequently charged with failing to stop and theft of a motor vehicle.

Snr Sgt Cook noted that ramming a police vehicle was possibly an assault on police and further charges were being considered.

 - Brendan McMahon

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