West Coast search for person missing from jetboat

The search for a person missing after a jetboat overturned on the West Coast has resumed this morning.

Four jetboats with Surf Rescue personnel on board, and four ground crews are searching the area between the Taramakau bridge and Kumara-Inchbonnie Rd, police said today.

Yesterday afternoon a local helicopter crew rushed to the scene and managed to save one man but they were unable to save the other.

The rescued man was treated at the scene by ambulance staff.

Heath Bagnall and his crew from Ahaura Helicopters were conducting Department of Conservation spraying around the Taramakau River area on Friday afternoon.

His ground crew called him and told him the boat had crashed and two men were being washed down the river.

Bagnall and his crew were able to pull one of the men out of the river but they couldn’t save the other man.


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