'Zero tolerance' for streakers at rugby final

Greymouth police are warning anyone going to the Heartland Rugby final between West Coast and South Canterbury on Sunday not to take their clothes off.

West Coast prevention manager Senior Sergeant Brent Cook yesterday warned potential streakers there would be a zero tolerance approach at the Heartland Lochore Cup final at John Sturgeon Park.

"Streakers will not be tolerated."

Two people streaked following West Coast's semi-final win last weekend.

Snr Sgt Cook said police had managed to identify them and both faced prosecution.

"We are warning anyone else who thinks they might streak at Sunday's game, not to."

He said there would be extra policing staff and people undressing would be caught - one way or another.

"The game is being televised nationally and we want to everyone to get a good impression of the West Coast.  We definitely don't want people thinking we are a bunch of hicks.

"Those who decide to streak should remember - there are consequences and ask themselves is it really worth it."

The match kicks off at 2.35pm and will be broadcast live on Sky TV.

- By Viv Logie

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