'M.bovis' strikes again in Tasman District

A second Tasman District farm has been confirmed as an infected property (IP).

The farm is connected to known IPs through stock movements.

Tracing work from this farm is now under way.

However, two more previously infected Canterbury farms have had their IP status lifted.

After the infected stock was depopulated, the farms completed their 60-day stand down period during which they were cleaned and disinfected.

The response recovery team is now assisting the farm with returning to normal operations.


The national response plan for M. bovis is available online. This document sets out the national-level direction for the phased eradication of M. bovis from New Zealand.

The plan enables various aspects of the response operations including disease management, acute recovery and welfare.


The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is still receiving a lot of queries around section 2.3 of the animal status declaration form.

Section 2.3 of the form asks: ''Are any of these animals from either an MPI surveillance listed property or under MPI movement control for residue or any purpose other than Tb?''

If your stock has been tested for M. bovis, you do not need to mark that you are under surveillance. Unless you are under a movement restriction there is no need to answer yes for M. bovis reasons.

The numbers
  • Tests completed: 201,527
  • Infected properties (IP): 37
  • Properties under restricted place notice  (includes IP) i.e. high suspicion of disease: 58
  • Properties under notice of direction, i.e. likely to have received infected cattle: 208
  • Properties under assessment,  i.e. may have a risk of disease: 167

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