Website to find workers praised

Mike Chapman
Mike Chapman
Demand for horticulture workers is higher than the number of people available, Horticulture New Zealand chief executive Mike Chapman says.

He applauded the Work The Seasons website launched on Friday by the Ministry of Social Development. It gave growers access to more workers and gave people looking for work the chance to see what great opportunities existed in horticulture, ''not only for seasonal work, but also for permanent work and a lasting career'', Mr Chapman said.

''Free for both employers and those seeking work, it gives high visibility to the opportunities and takes away any barriers connecting employer to employee.

''We also need to work together to ensure good employment practices and fair treatment of workers and it is good to see on this website the option to report poor employers.

''For those who want it and are reliable and willing to keep upskilling, there are many excellent careers in horticulture that are well rewarded. For example, a top orchard manager can earn about $100,000 and have a vehicle included in their salary package.''

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