Orari Gorge bull sale short of buyers

A top price of $11,000 was achieved for two bulls at Orari Gorge’s Hereford bull sale.

The bulls at the stud’s 56th annual sale were looking good, with compliments about the phenotype, but really needed just a few more buyers, Robert Peacock said.

"It was a bit average but the bulls that sold, sold well. All the bull calves are run as one mob from weaning right through to our main sale at 20 months. This helps improve the accuracy of their estimated breeding values and helps us make accurate comparisons between animals."

This year’s sale might not have met expectations due to the good upkeep of regular client’s stock.

"If there is one downside to bulls it is that they last well. People do not always need one every year and for some farmers, income is down, so they make do with the bull team they have got."

Thirty-five registered buyers attended the sale just north of Geraldine, where 23 bulls sold at an average price of just over $6500.

Two bulls were sold for stud transfers at $11,000 each to Te Anau’s Monymusk Hereford stud and Riverlee Herefords in the Manawatu.

It was the first year Orari Gorge auctioned online, using Bidr.

As well as the Orari Gorge Herefords and Romneys, the Peacocks also run 7000 commercial ewes, 400 commercial cows and 1500 hinds.

"We breed stock that are capable of looking after themselves through tough winters on the hill and then giving high levels of production ... We finish almost all the progeny on the farm, and any stock that are sold store are usually well sought after."

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