Interclub trial run at Mt Nessing

Mt. Nessing Collie Club competitors itching to start (from left) Brad Clouston,  Ian Wallace,...
Mt. Nessing Collie Club competitors itching to start (from left) Brad Clouston, Ian Wallace, Nick Meiklejohn, Steve Blanchard, Tony Kinzett, Jared Kelynack, Wendy Dalziel, Chris Ensor, Hugh Weir, Andrew McLeod, C.S.D.T.A president Rick Orr, Aaron Apii, of Purina ProPlan, Kevin Ashworth, Dave Hussey, Ben Butterick, George Masefield, Terry Ashley, Alistair Dickson, Fergus McLean, Richie Williams, Hamish Linton and Chris Harris. PHOTO: SUPPLIED
Everyone was looking for a fix at the Mt Nessing Collie Club earlier this month.

Canterbury Sheep Dog Trial Association promotions officer Sally Mallinson said the day presented mid-winter weather for the annual Canterbury inter-club competition held at Ian and Cath Boothroyds’ property at Mt Nessing.

With the 2020 dog trial season coming to an abrupt halt due to Covid-19, members were eager to get under way.

Only 11 of the Canterbury centre’s 18 trials were run before lockdown, and the last trial of the season was that at Mt Nessing.

Mt Nessing and Mackenzie sister clubs held the distinction of hosting the event following the win of their members Steve Kerr with heading dog Mac and Sam Jamieson with huntaway Garry, at the 2019 event hosted by the Tai Tapu-Banks Peninsula Clubs.

This year’s competition was won by Fergus McLean and Richie Williams from the Waikari-Omihi clubs.

The short head and yard was judged by Mike Brown, from Geraldine, and the straight hunt was judged by Steve Kerr, from Fairlie.The three teams to run off were: Loburn/Oxford with 187.5 points, Mayfield/Methven with 184.5 and Waikari/Omihi with 184.25. The top-pointed header from round one went to Chris Ensor and Pip with 96.5 points and the top-pointed huntaway was Ben Butterick and Frank with 95 points.

Fergus McLean with Dan and Richie Williams with Ranger (Waikari-Omihi). PHOTO: SUPPLIED
Fergus McLean with Dan and Richie Williams with Ranger (Waikari-Omihi). PHOTO: SUPPLIED

In the run-off, the three huntaways ran through first, putting the acid back on their heading partner to seal the deal, with all scores being zeroed from the first round.

Coming out on top was the combination of Fergus McLean and Richie Williams from Waikari-Omihi with two consistent runs giving them 187 points. Second was Chris Ensor and Wendy Dalziel from Loburn-Oxford with 182 and third was Hugh Weir and Andrew McLeod from Mayfield-Methven with 151.

The 10 teams competing were: (Headers listed first, then the Huntaway) Mackenzie-Mt Nessing — Brad Clouston with Frank and Ian Wallace and Storm, Levels — Kevin Ashworth with Leah and Dave Hussey with Gus, Geraldine-Hilton-Gapes — Steve Blanchard with Spike and Nick Meiklejohn with Rowdy, Mayfield-Methven — Hugh Weir with Tweed and Andrew McLeod with Tui, Malvern-Glenroy — Tony Kinzett with Tarn and Jared Kelynack with Jet, Tai Tapu-Banks Peninsula — George Masefield with Jack and Ben Butterick with Frank, Loburn-Oxford — Chris Ensor with Pip and Wendy Dalziel with Rib, Waikari-Omihi – Fergus McLean with Dan and Richie Williams with Ranger, Cheviot — Alistair Dickson with Bruce and Terry Ashley with Bluff, Amuri-Waiau — Chris Harris with Moss and Hamish Linton with Maude.

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