A pat on the back goes to Southern Field Days committee

Congratulations to the Southern Field Days committee members on hosting their first event in four years with record numbers in attendance.

It was great to see so many people getting off farm, enjoying a change of scenery and catching up with people. The event was extremely well done and while big-ticket items might have been off a lot of shopping lists, it was great for the top two inches.

During the field days our executive had positive meetings with new government ministers.

The regional councils have been given clear instruction to pause on the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management until new direction is given. Now is the time for regional councillors to show the tail isn’t wagging the dog inside the councils, and heed this call from the new government.

We have an opportunity to contribute to shaping the new direction, ensuring good outcomes for the environment and the community. Society and ratepayers have had enough of wasteful spending and we need to have policies that are effective in providing the right outcomes without hamstringing the industry that feeds the region.

We will continue to apply pressure on this government to ensure groups engage in the process, bringing solutions to the table, not adding additional time and cost to the process. It’s time for those with cancel culture to get involved or get out of the way.

Gravel has been on our agenda for many years but after making some recent noise, we are finally seeing some positive movement in this area.

Let’s hope we can turn this positivity into action for the safety of our communities.


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