Safety day ‘successful’

Participants in a safety event enjoy a break at Drummond Rugby Club in central Southland last month.

Rural Women New Zealand Drummond branch president Eunice Roberts said the branch ran a ‘‘successful’’ safety day, which taught pupils of Drummond School and Drummond Kindergarten skills to stay safe.

Mitre 10 Winton staff taught children how to safely use a chainsaw, lawnmower and weedeater and how to work safely with chemicals.

Marine South staff showed the children a boat and how to be safe on it, including how to wear a life jacket and the benefits of using a personal locator beacon.

Milne Transport staff explained the distance it took for a truck travelling at 90kmh to stop.

Police staff explained the workings of a Taser device, pepper spray and speed guns and how motorists could avoid fines by not using a cellphone or having a pet on their laps when driving.

An Adaptive Health and Safety staff member taught first aid skills and explained how to be aware of farm animals and how to greet a dog.

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