Southern Beef Show to fill gap

The show will go on for New Zealand beef breeders.

In the wake of the cancelling of many southern A&P shows Waikaka farmer Rob Hall is organising the Southern Beef Show.

The show will be held at the Gore showgrounds on February 5.

"We’ve got in excess of 50 to 60 beef animals being exhibited which will possibly be one of the biggest beef shows in the country.

"There’s cattle coming from Canterbury and Otago Southland."

It was possible an international audience could tune into the livestreamed event, he said.

"It means that exhibitors have a chance to showcase their cattle around the world.

"The farming world and breeding and buying and selling of cattle still goes on.

"It’s not been stopped by Covid."

He was excited with the response from beef breeders and sponsors so far.

Showing animals was a hobby, he said.

"People just want to get out and do it."

If there was an outbreak of Covid-19 and the region was red lighted he could "pull the pin" a couple of days beforehand.

"I’ve lost nothing apart from my time."

- Sandy Eggleston

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