Women's Enviro Event popular

Sandra Campbell
Sandra Campbell
Dairy farmer Sandra Campbell, of Clinton, was expecting maybe 10 or 15 women to attend the Women's Enviro Event in Clinton on July 30.

However, about 160 were there to hear four women speak about different aspects of environmental change and sustainability, including the need to ''make change from the ground up, rather than from policy down''.

'I am really happy with the number,'' Mrs Campbell said.

''They were from mainly South Otago but there were a few from Oamaru and from Invercargill and Winton.

''It was a really good turnout.''

Speakers included Social Licence to Operate consultant Penny Clark-Hall, Landpro executive director Kate Scott, New Zealand Landcare Trust South Island team leader Janet Gregory, New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre international capability and training co-ordinator Dr Sinead Leahy.

The event was MC'd by Sarah Perriam.

''Everyone enjoyed different speakers,'' Mrs Campbell said.

''There were different things for different mentioned plans for other groups to run similar events, including ones in Maniototo, Wanaka and the Teviot Valley, and further afield.

''I'll give them information so they can organise their own.

''If we can come up with a model to do it throughout the country, it has been a success as far as I am concerned.''

She said as it was so well supported, she intended to put together an email database and hoped to hold another event in 12 months, making it an annual event for Clinton.

Otago South River Care group project manager Lloyd McCall was one of the few men at the event and said he was impressed with the evening and with the numbers who turned up.

''The evening was awesome,'' he said.

''It is probably one of the better nights I've been to.''

''It was a really good night and good for raising awareness of environmental issues.

''The thing that got me was if it had been open to everybody, we might not have gotten the same numbers.''

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