‘The sun’s out’: president sees positives

North Canterbury farmers have plenty of cause for optimism after a challenging year, Cam Henderson says.

As he looked back on an unusual 2020, the Federated Farmers North Canterbury president said there were plenty of positive signs.

"The sun’s out and the grass is growing ... summer has finally arrived."

Either side of the Covid-19 lockdown, farmers experienced a long, dry summer, followed by a mild winter and a wet spring.

Price schedules for most products continued to remain strong and North Canterbury was looking greener than normal with plenty of feed about, which put farmers in a good space before an El Nino summer.

Federated Farmers had "a good team, with some new faces, in North Canterbury".

At least one new leader was sought for next year, with Mr Henderson due to complete four years as provincial president in May.

"We will see whose keen to take on more leadership, but we’ve got a few months to have those conversations.

"I’m still keen to stick around and I suspect I will still have a role after the AGM."

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